JST Battery Connectors

I’ve been playing with lithium polymer (LiPo) battery powered projects lately (more to come about that) but I’ve been frustrated trying to decode all the “standard” connectors people use for these.  Of particular annoyance are the JST connectors, which may refer to many different connectors.

At first I thought there was only one JST connector but it turns out that JST stands for Japan Solderless Terminal and they make a ton of connectors.  It seems to me that the two pin JST connector people usually talk about is the red one.  For the life of me I still can’t figure out what this one is officially called but it is sometimes referred to as the BEC, so named because it is often used in Battery Elimination Circuits (I’m guessing).

A “JST” connector

Like I said there are a lot more JST connectors though and probably the most common is the JST-XH, which is used my many multicell battery makers as a balance connector.  I found a great forum post talking about yet two more JST connectors and one Molex connector.  In case something happens I saved the important photo:

several JST and one Molex connectors

Lastly, there is one more JST connector.  The JST-PH, which is what sparkfun uses for all their 1S LiPos.

A through hole mount JST-PH receptacle

For higher current there is a well documented array of connectors out there for which this is a good reference.

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