Fixing the up! 3d printer

A few weeks ago our UP! pp3dp (personal portable 3D printer) broke.  It would usually print one object while cold but fail on the first couple of layers of the second consecutive object.  Eventually it started making a bad smell so I opened it up to see this.

Two melted jumpers

Two of the jumpers that shunt power from a power trace to — another power trace (all in series) had melted.  These jumpers seem to have no purpose but to fail since they could have easily been replaced by a solid trace; I still have no idea why they’re the way they are but the x-object rep called them “fuses” which is unsettling.  I should note though that x-object’s support was excellent and they provided me with a photo of the original board without melted components to help me trouble shoot.

The original board in good shape. (photo: x-object support)

Apparently, we have one of the earlier models of the UP! printer (V8 or V9 I’m told) which means that the mainboard is no longer available as a replacement part.  Because of this repair was my only option.  I followed the trace from its origin, the power connector, to its destination (past the jumpers) and soldered on a piece of 22awg wire to replace the burned trace.

The red wire bypasses the two jumpers.

I then cleaned up the burned jumper, which was not so easy.

Melted jumpers removed

Finally, I added two new jumpers in place of the melted ones just incase they connected a trace that I couldn’t see through the burned and melted plastic.

New jumpers installed

After reinstalling the board everything works great again.  The area around the two melted jumpers still gets warm, but to no hotter than 40-50C, so I think it should be fixed for good.

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  1. Hi! I also have an up printer that needs fixing. The usb jack was torn off of the board (lifting a few traces) when someone tripped on the cord. I have tried twice to fix it but I may have made things worse. Can you take a picture of the board where the usb jack is? I need to see if I am missing any smd resistors. Also If I am could I message you back to have you measure the resistance of the ones I am missing (if any)?

  2. Hi,

    Unfortunately I use my printer for work and its actually going to be in use all week, so I can’t take it apart. I’d be happy to check next week though. I can tell you that the pull up and down resistors for the USB data lines should be 15k down to ground on D+ and 1.5k up to 3.6v on D-. At least this is what the specification says. A good summary can be found here:


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