A Quick Cheap DIY Soldering Fume Extractor.


I often do a lot of soldering in enclosed spaced. I’ve known for a while that the fumes aren’t exactly good for you, so today I decided to do something about it. Here I’ll share instructions on how to make a quick and easy fume extractor from parts you may already have around the house (except the filter).


Below is a photo of the materials I used.


  • 12 v powersupply rescued rescued from something I threw out long ago.
  • 5 1/2″ x 4 3/4″ piece of plywood from my scrap box (card board or foam core will work equally well)
  • 120 mm fan taken from an old computer
  • an HRF-H1 sized HEPA air filter (Its important to get a true HEPA filter to get the most smoke removal).
  • 6 rubber bands from grocery store produce.


Conveniently,  the HRF-H1 air filters are almost exactly 120mm wide so they can be directly fit to the computer fan.  A lot of similar DIY instructions on the web have you laser cutting a rack or holder, which is nice but I don’t own a laser cutter, do you?

To start, rubber-band the fan to the filter with the flow facing into the filter (usually the air flow comes out the side of the fan with the logo sticker on it).



You’ll notice that there is still a large gap between the top of the fan and the rest of the filter.  To remedy that cover the rest of the filter’s face with a sheet of plywood or cardboard.



Finally you can solder you power supply leads to the fan.  In my case the fan had a male and female molex connector attached so I cut off the male connector and soldered to my power supply.   This way the power supply unplugs and the fan can be reused should I decide I need it.



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